Our Packaging - (and how to dispose of it responsibly)

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We pride ourselves on having 100% plastic free packaging, which as any business owner will tell you is quite a journey finding earth friendly options that will properly protect our customer's purchases and not break the budget.

We also want to make it easy on you to know what to do with your packaging once your order arrives, read on to find out more about the different items that make up your package and what to do with them:


Paper Items

These items are all curbside recyclable or compostable:

Velvet Heartbeat eco friendly packaging

  • Swingtags - made from recycled or kraft card
  • Newsprint - used for stuffing bags so they keep their shape in transit
  • Tissue Paper - used to wrap your purchase to protect it
  • Sticker - secures the tissue wrap so we don't need to use tape
  • Thank you card - made from recycled card
  • Shipping boxes 
  • Paper tape - to tape up the boxes
  • Washi tape - in case we need a small bit of tape to look pretty


Compostable items

These items are home compostable so just chop them into smaller bits with scissors and mix in with your food scraps. While they're non toxic to insects it's best to keep them out of your worm farm though as they aren't as nutritious as the food scraps. They are also commercially compostable if you don't have a compost bin accessible to you but you know where your local commercial compost facility is.

Velvet Heartbeat compostable packaging

  • Courier bags - we use the ones from R3Pack and Better Packaging so they'll be mostly broken down in around 12 weeks
  • Courier stickers - a new one for us after lots of searching! this means you can chop up your label without having to peel it off the bag and it will compost within 12-14 weeks
  • Hemp string - we use natural hemp string to attach our swingtags and do any requested gift wrapping so if you don't need this for your next craft project you can just cut it up and pop it in your compost

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